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Hydrolux2.0 (metallic alloy for hydrogen storage)

Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy


Hydrolux 2.0 is an advanced hydrogen storage alloy that ensures safe and efficient hydrogen storage at room temperature and low pressures. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including large commercial hydrogen-powered vehicles and portable fuel cells used in emergency power systems. Rooted in AB2-type TiMn2-series technology, it offers easy initial activation, guaranteeing reliable hydrogen storage and release for a wide range of applications.

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Hydrogen can be stored in three forms: gas storage, liquid storage, and solid storage.

Solid storage technology involves storing hydrogen on the surface or inside materials,

resulting in a higher hydrogen density compared to other methods

while maintaining cost-efficiency and stability.
At Hydrolux, we specialize in research and development

as well as the commercialization of hydrogen storage alloys,

contributing to safer hydrogen storage within the hydrogen economy value chain.

Our solid hydrogen storage method,

allowing for higher hydrogen storage capacity per unit volume compared to conventional methods,

can be operated at room temperature with very low pressure, ensuring safety.


Hydrolux Strengths

Hydrogen energy faces a significant challenge due to the relatively high costs associated with

storage and transportation infrastructure compared to other forms of energy.
Hydrolux has diligently secured essential technologies

and compositional expertise across three pivotal domains:

fundamental design, alloy manufacturing, and initial activation of hydrogen storage alloys.
In the era of reducing carbon emissions and embracing the hydrogen economy,

obtaining green hydrogen is a top priority.

The safest and most convenient way to store hydrogen produced through electrolysis is

by using solid hydrogen storage.
Our approach allows hydrogen storage and charging at low pressure (10~50 Bar),

ensuring safety and reducing the need for additional equipment,

thus lowering operational facility costs.


Spatial Efficiency

Mobility Solutions

Economic Feasibility

Addressing Challenges in High-Pressure and Liquid Hydrogen Storage

At Hydrolux, we supply hydrogen storage systems equipped with our hydrogen storage alloys to hydrogen tube trailers and all transportation mobility as well as stations
related to electric supply by fuel cells required for hydrogen transportation.

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